[Kenrokuen Garden]
(24 min from the hotel by bus & on foot)

The name "Kenrokuen" comes from the fact that it has all of the "Rokusho," which stands for "six wins" representing outstanding scenery. One of the three most famous gardens in Japan, it is a large, circular garden with large and small ponds and elegant tea pavilions scattered throughout its vast grounds, allowing visitors to enjoy the essence of a Japanese garden. The seasonal scenery is beautiful and attracts many tourists from all over the world as well as locals.

Kenrokuen Garden

[Kanazawa Castle]
(27 min from the hotel by bus & on foot)

Kanazawa Castle, the residence of the Maeda clan of the Kaga domain, was renamed "Oyama Castle" around 1583, but the name "Kanazawa Castle" was established again around 1602. Kanazawa Castle was destroyed by fire several times and most of its buildings were lost, but it has been restored to its present appearance since 1999.
Not only is it magnificent and beautiful, but you can also feel the footprints of history from the wisdom of the construction of the castle, which was built as a fortress for warfare.

Kanazawa Castle

[Ohmicho Market]
(17 min from the hotel by bus & on foot)

Ohmicho Market, which has been in existence since the feudal era, has been nicknamed "Omicho" as the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens. A wide variety of fresh seafood and locally grown Kaga vegetables are available, offering a variety of gourmet tastes. The Ohmicho Market is covered by an arcade, so bad weather and strong sunlight do not bother you. The market is always full of vitality and visitors from home and abroad can enjoy interacting with the locals.

Ohmicho Market

[21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art]
(21 min from the hotel by bus & on foot)

Known affectionately as "Marubii," the museum opened in 2004 with the concept of "a park-like museum open to the town. One of the highlights is "Leandro's Pool," where visitors can take unique photos as if they were one with the artwork. In addition to the exhibition, a variety of programs such as performances and workshops will be held, allowing anyone to enjoy the works to their heart's content.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

[Higashi Chayagai District]
(18 min from the hotel by bus & on foot)

The Higashi Chayagai district, where visitors can enjoy the elegant streetscape typical of Kanazawa, was selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in 2001. The buildings are characterized by "wooden mushiko (latticework of red shells)," and it is said that there used to be about 90 teahouses lined up in a row.
Visitors can rent kimonos and take pictures, stroll around, eat, and enjoy themselves in a variety of ways.

Higashi Chayagai District

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