『VISTA Cafe』(2F)

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

We use plenty of local ingredients such as Ishikawa Prefecture rice "Noto Hikari" and "Gensuke Daikon", a Kaga vegetable that has been popular for a long time. We offer a wide variety of seasonal and daily menus.

After your meal, enjoy the original blended coffee directly from the Hakusan factory that was jointly developed with local dart coffee.

Recommended Menu(Daily Special)

| Vista original special Kanazawa-style curry |

Vista original curry arranged in Kanazawa style.

Enjoy Kanazawa curry, which is characterized by its rich black curry sauce, with your favorite toppings such as scrambled eggs, sausages, and grilled vegetables.

| Kurumabu(grilled wheat gluten) French toast |

A type of grilled wheat gluten that looks like a wheel when sliced ​​round, and is popular in Kanazawa and other parts of the Hokuriku region.

Please enjoy the sticky and chewy texture that is different from French toast made with bread.

| Mini burger |

A burger menu that is popular from children to adults, such as chicken, fish, and miso cutlet.

| Nodoguro dashi chazuke(rice with soup) |

"Noto Hikari" rice, which is born in Noto and is beautifully cooked, is a strain of Koshihikari, but it has large rice grains and a sticky and chewy texture that is as delicious as Koshihikari.

(1) Place rice in a bowl, (2) top with your favorite condiments and pickles, (3) pour in the homemade “Nodoguro dashi(soup)” and enjoy.

Restaurant Information

VenueThe Second floor of the hotel [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours6:30〜9:30
Price1,800yen (Including tax)
Elementary school student:900yen (Including tax)

The walls of the Vista Café are sprinkled with hemp leaf patterns inspired by Kanazawa Castle, and from the large windows you can enjoy the beautiful reflections of the roadside trees, such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves, which change their expression depending on the season.
Enjoy a pleasant morning while gazing at the trees bathed in the morning sun.